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Share gratitude in style with Luxury Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving Luxury Lifestyle Experts dinner turkey
(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)

With all the Christmas decorations up already, we hope you have not forgotten about Thanksgiving! This year’s Thanksgiving is right around the corner and who wouldn’t like a little help getting ready for the big celebration. It takes a lot of time and effort to host a dinner party. Indeed, you need to think about the decorations, the food and many other details. Luckily for you, we at Luxury Lifestyle Experts want you to have a stress-free Thanksgiving. We are providing the finest luxurious program for you to have the best holiday gathering. 

Thanksgiving is not celebrated only in the United States of America. People all around the world celebrate it: in Canada, Australia, Philippines, Germany… In the United Kingdom, people celebrate the Harvest Festival of Thanksgiving. In ancient times, when the harvest was finally collected, communities would come together for a harvest supper. Nowadays, it is a great opportunity to gather the family ahead of Christmas. Thanksgiving is on Thursday 28 November, just before Black Friday. However, festivities continue over the weekend. We can organize a dinner party anywhere in Europe.

Decorate your house for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about giving thanks and being thankful. So why not decorate your house with lavish decorations and organize a festive dinner for your loved ones? We designed a unique plan for this year’s Thanksgiving! 

  • Home decoration (inside and outside);
  • Catering & Private dinners;
  • Gift Shopping;
  • Fully-staffed events;
  • Last-minute bookings possible;

Our decorations will give your home a cosy yet chic vibe by using string lights, leaf decorations, fall-coloured table settings and more. 

Thanksgiving dinner decoration Luxury Lifestyle Experts

Hire a Private Chef to home-cook the best Thanksgiving dinner

Spend less time panicking about how to cook a turkey or make the best pumpkin pie. Instead, spend more time with your loved ones by using our talented chefs. Our chefs have experience working in the best Michelin-starred restaurants. They will ensure you have a lovely home-cooked meal and will definitely prepare the juiciest turkey! 

Turkey Thanksgiving London 2019

Let us help you with Gift Shopping

Since Thanksgiving is all about giving back, it is a great time to exchange gifts and share beautiful cards with your dearest. We all know it can be a hassle buying gifts for different people, but we got you covered. Our personal shoppers are experts in their field and tailor their offer to meet your individual needs. This will give you time to just relax and enjoy your Thanksgiving instead of running around for gift shopping.

Get in touch with us to plan your Thanksgiving Celebrations

Make this year’s celebrations ones to remember: contact us to discuss the options for hosting truly unique Celebrations with your loved ones. We can also help you find the perfect restaurant to celebrate it in style! Click here if you would like to know more about the origins of the celebration. 

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