What our clients lack more then anything is time. The most valuable commodity there is. Furthermore a good number have also told us they also find competent organisations and individuals who can get the job done, on time, every time from anywhere in the world. With Luxury Lifestyle Experts, whatever the errand big or small we can save you time by locating it anywhere in the world and securing it on your behalf.

We use the famous essay by Elbert Hubbard ā€œA Message to Garciaā€ (details >) during basic training of our luxury specialists to ensure that a firm: find a way or make one attitude is deeply instilled in those who work for us. Our clients expect and deserve what they ask for, not an excuse or a substitute.Ā 

Whatever the request, whether it be a specific item of clothing, piece of jewellery, handbag or gift located or purchased or you require one of our specialists to accompany you as an unbiased personal shopper we can help.

As the founder of our company was head of VIP Services at London’sā€™ Harrods he still has a good number of contacts there along with a network that includes those from: Fortnum and Mason, Hermes, Laduree and many other high end establishments in the UK and abroad and so he can arrange for some very special VIP treatment which can include early opening or closing of a number of establishments so that you can shop in private.

His network, which has taken many years to build can also be of benefit to you as through it he is often able to locate hard to find / out of stock / limited edition items not on the open market as well as request unique VIP experiences, special pricing and treatment for you as a personal friend of Luxury Lifestyle Experts owner Mr Jules Darthos.

So what can we help you with? – We are sure you will find our “Can Do” attitude a refreshing change. Let us know here >>

Do you need help finding the latest designer bags? Want a more private shopping experience? Here, at Luxury Lifestyle Experts, we can provide the best luxury personal shopping services whether you are looking to shop for yourself or your loved ones at your own comfort.
Our personal shopping experts are highly trained professionals in the luxury fashion industry. From the latest fashion designer trends to fine watches and jewellery, our specialists have you covered. All of our services are personalised, making the process extremely enjoyable and efficient for all of our clients.
If you need a last-minute gift or just simply want to buy a new bag, our experts are here to meet your individual needs. Our service will allow you to relax and fully enjoy your shopping experience without having the stress of finding your product. So if you are looking for a Hermes Birkin or a Kelly, a Patek Philippe or Richard Mille watch, or any other hard to source gift, let us help you. We often travel to other countries when needed on behalf of our clients to secure these items and deliver them back to our clients.
We deliver a luxurious yet personalised experience to each of our clients.
Our experienced team of personal shoppers and stylists are here to assist you! Get in touch with us to change your shopping experience for the best!