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Luxury services to help you face the coronavirus outbreak

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(Last Updated On: March 18, 2020)

We, at Luxury Lifestyle Experts, are only too aware of the concerns that many have in regards to ruthless coronavirus, COVID-19. But please rest assured that the health and safety of our clients, as well as our staff, is of paramount importance to us. Therefore we continue to adhere to the strictest World Health Organisation guidelines.

All Staff Trained with the Latest Health & Hygiene Advice

We have extensively retrained our staff on the latest health precautions to adopt, following the official recommendations.

Particular attention is given to our cleaning staff and all touch surfaces are thoroughly disinfected (with industrial-grade fluids) on a regular basis throughout the day.

We are also closely following and monitoring the latest updates by the World Health Organisation, NHS and UK government on coronavirus, COVID-19 and will implement all suggested revisions as soon as the advice is released.

Helping You During the Coronavirus outbreak

There are a number of luxury services that can help to reduce the risks of coronavirus. The entire team at Luxury Lifestyle Experts is on hand to assist you with any additional queries or concerns you may have. To name but a few concierge services that we can help you with:

Some of our clients have decided to add additional cleaning to their existing cleaning schedule. This is to make sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned as regularly as possible. Our cleaning team specialises in UHNWI luxury properties. The team is focusing on reducing the risk of contamination or the spread of the infection. Door handles, phones, computers, and keyboards receive even greater attention. The team is highly trained to clean with delicate care unique and high-value items such as custom carpets and rugs, artwork and other precious artefacts.

Home Services

If you are feeling unwell or prefer to stay home, we can run your daily and luxury errands. Some of our clients trust us with food planning and buying, and we can even restock your fridge and help secure any hard to find household or other items.

Thank You

We would like to also take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and loyalty. We look forward to helping you with your lifestyle needs during this difficult time and in the future.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

You can call us on 0203 6000 659 (Overseas: +44203 6000 659) or you can email us here >

Official Coronovirus Help

For official coronavirus, COVID-19 updates and advice please visit Public Health England’s advice or dial the NHS 111 Coronavirus service.