Our luxury events and private parties are only suitable for those who are looking to host an event to remember. An event many will go away from saying that it ranks as either the or one of the most memorable of their lives. If that’s what you’re looking to host, then you’ve come to the right place. Luxury Lifestyle Experts can make that a reality for you too.

Whether you’re looking to arrange a birthday party, anniversary, retirement do or a formal business function thats hosted in the UK, abroad or on a private yacht (our speciality) we can help.

Being that the owner of our company Mr Jules Darthos spent a number of years in the VIP food division at Londons’ Harrods (on more than one occasion charted private jets filled with the finest, hand selected food money can buy) and was one of the “tasters” who had a say on whether x food or drink was worthy of being stored in the world renowned store, he has unique “behind the scenes” knowledge of where to source the best produce in the world so that guests for party can also experience its divine taste without paying the same eye watering prices.

With Luxury Lifestyle Experts we do not operate with a cookie cutter event planning model, no event or party is the ever the same. Each one has a unique signature and is fully customised to each clients specific requirements, goals and budget. Location, guest list, decoration, celebrity guests, food and drink, just let us know what your perfect party looks like and then let us work our magic, for we always bring it to life.

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