Luxury consultancy, coaching and training for high-end brands

Luxury consultant consultancy training

Luxury Lifestyle Experts offers an extensive range of consultancy, coaching and training programmes for brands in the luxury industry. We help ensure their brand message, offer and staff, reach the level of excellence expected by luxury consumers. 

For more than 12 years, those behind Luxury Lifestyle Experts have tirelessly worked for or alongside a wide range of high-end brands. These include Harrods, Rolls Royce, Four Seasons Hotels, Laduree. We have benefited hugely from top tier training and many years of hands-on experience.

Additionally, the advice our luxury consultants dispense is not only based on theory but on real-world, front line experience. It relates to growing a luxury brand, increasing sales, margins and delighting UHNWI.

Luxury consultant consultancy training

Our Missions…

– Firstly, help your brand connect perfectly on a personal level with ultra-high net worth individuals.
– Secondly, train your staff in the fine art of delighting ultra-high net worth consumers with every interaction.
– Thirdly, ensure your brand experience is as memorable and impactful as possible to the luxury consumer.
– Finally, total commitment to developing a high trust, long term relationship with you. We never take shortcuts with “flavour of the month” sales techniques or provide advice that could damage your brand in the long term over a short term sales boost.

Furthermore, we are committed to being accountable and will always adhere with agreed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). As a result, every pound you invest in consultancy with us provides returns many times over. Our goal is 10 times.

Finally, none of our coaching/consulting/training programmes are pre-packaged or off the shelf. Every luxury brand is different in its products or services, positioning, target market and the goals it wants to achieve. Therefore each package is bespoke and tailored to your unique requirements.

History and visit of Mayfair UHNWI playground

Why Customer Experience should be a priority for a luxury brand?

Every single employee you hire is the voice and face of your company. How they engage with clients in person, phone, email or social media and potential clients is absolutely crucial. Indeed, they are representing your company on a regular basis during every interaction. Our training sessions will help employees learn and live the mindset, habits and behaviours that UHNWI expect from those working in the luxury industry. They will also learn how to establish and nurture trust with each client and the critical dos and don’ts that those with standard customer service training are unlikely to be aware of.

What’s our experience in luxury consultancy?

  • We have worked for some of the most prestigious brands in the world: Four Seasons Hotel George V, Harrods, Shangri-La, Laduree, Rolls Royce & BMW…
  • Experience working for the most demanding clients on the planet: royal families, celebrities, politicians, billionaires. 
  • Current Lecturer at Inseec University in London: in charge of the modules “Psychology of Millionaires” & “Luxury Retail Customers”
  • Luxury commentator for Channel 5’s TV series: “The world’s most luxurious…”
  • Consultants have a Master’s Degree in Luxury Brand Strategy. We speak English, French and Spanish. 

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Just some of our services: 

  • Guest / Mystery shopping. For instance, we will visit your shop undercover and analyse the shopping experience and send detailed feedback to management. We can organize a follow-up visit, or adequate training to improve the customer experience. 
  • Hotel pre-audit or pre-LQA visit. For instance, we will visit your hotel and try all your services undercover, and analyse the customer experience and send detailed feedback to management.  We can organize a follow-up visit, or adequate training to improve the customer experience. 
  • Introduction to the Luxury Industry. This session presents the specificities of the luxury industry, and can be adapted to the local London market, analysing areas such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and South Kensington / Chelsea. We can also adapt the training to focus on Paris or the French Riviera. 
  • Creation of an Evaluation grille to standardize the quality of the customer service.
  • Staff training: presentation of the Evaluation grille
  • Induction day for luxury retail employees: luxury crash course to give a mandatory basis for a luxury customer experience.
  • Psychology of luxury consumers: how to understand your clients and how to adapt to specific markets such as Middle-East, China, Russia, etc…
  • Other: we can create a bespoke module depending on your needs. 

Who can we help?

  • Established luxury companies and brands who want to improve their customer experience.
  • On the other hand, companies, brands, shops or hotels who want to go upmarket and attract a more luxurious clientele.
  • 4 or 5 Star Hotels who want to improve their customer experience before an audit or LQA.  
  • Entrepreneurs and individuals who deal with UHNWI, such as private bankers, lawyers, solicitors, executives, car dealerships, elite salesmen…
  • Finally, anyone who is curious about the luxury world.

More information and Prices

Please get in touch with us for more information on our luxury consultancy packages, pricing and availability.
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Luxury consultant consultancy training